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Company "Astika" foam aerated concrete and fiber aerated concrete makes the blocks reinforced by a polyamide fibre. Now, with the account of new requirements to heat conductivity of materials, it is one of the most perspective materials. Cellular concrete consists of aerated and fiber aerated concrete. 

High-precision steel forms for aerated concrete blocks provide the ideal geometrical sizes with the minimum deviations (1-2 mm) that allow to make a laying of blocks on glue, reducing to a minimum a thickness of a seam. Added in foam aerated concrete the fiber-fibre (a polyamide thread) considerably improves properties of finished goods, expanding with it aerated concrete scopes.

The modern equipment allows to make high-quality aerated concrete in density from 300 to 1200 kg/m3 that allows to use it in the most various areas of building - warming of a roof and other designs, filling of skeletons of the monolithic buildings, bearing (basic) walls of 2-3 floor buildings and so on.

At the device of a maintained roof the heat-insulation layer of foam concrete D300 (0,07 Vt/m2S) from 240 mm on a bias and a coupler by foam concrete D600 (0,12 Vt/m2S) with thickness of a layer of 50 mm that corresponds on thermal resistance from 3,98 мVt/m2S at the minimum thickness is applied in the thickness. Foam layers are calculated by index of thermal resistivity of roof.  

Foam concrete allows to replace all complex of traditional materials that reduces cost and increases speed of work, reduces loadings by a roof and considerably increases durability. Foam concrete on a roof is convincing alternative to traditional heaters as uniform and full filling of emptiness gives uniformity of properties and durability. Foam concrete application excludes necessity to adjust joints, to fill seams, to vibrate it and to transport manually.

We pour concrete on a building site at manufacturing of walls, plates of overlapping, a roof and other designs. It is carried out by means of mobile installation by productivity 3 m3/hour with giving of foam concrete of 100 metres at length and to 15 metres in height, and with the pump - 80 metres on a vertical.

The sizes of made blocks:

600х300х (300; 250; 240; 200; 160; 120; 100; 80) mm, but manufacture of any sizes under the demand of the customer is possible. Хостинг. Создание сайта.